1. What time does school begin?

a. You may begin dropping students off at 7:25am. Students then make their way to the cafeteria. At this time, they eat breakfast or wait at their assigned tables until teachers begin walking students back to class at 7:45am.

2. What time does school get out?

a. Dismissal for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K) is 2:00pm (14:00) except Wednesdays. Every Wednesday dismissal for TK and K is 12:00pm (12:00).

b. Dismissal for first and second grades is 2:25pm (14:25). Wednesday dismissal is 12:25pm (12:25).

3.What are the school office hours?

a. Office hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm (1630).

4.What do I need to do to register my child for school?

a. Please visit the school office to receive and complete a registration packet. In addition, you will need to provide current shot records, an original birth certificate, and evidence of your child’s last dental exam and physical. Prior school records are helpful, but not required.

5.How can I contact my child’s teacher?

a.You may contact your child’s teacher by sending a note with your student, email, or extension. Please see the extension list in the INFO area.

b.Faculty emails are ( Ex. Amy West

6.Can I bring a treat for my child’s birthday to the class?

a.Yes, but it must be store bought. No home baked goods may be brought in. Bite sized treats work best for our students. Treat bags and party favors are also not allowed. Contact your child’s teacher to coordinate a time and the number of students in the class.

7.Do I need to call the school if my child is absent?

a.Yes. The state of California determines Excused or Unexcused absences.

8.What is the Attendance Office’s phone number?

a.You may speak with or leave a message for our attendance clerk Brenda Ruelas at (760) 386-1900 Ext. 2. She may also be reached by email at

9.Who do I need to call to report an absence?

a. The Attendance Office. Please see prior question for contact information.

10.If I take my child to the doctor, do I need to bring the Dr.’s note to school?

a. Yes. Please bring a note for all medical and dental appointments.

11.What do I need to do if I want to go on vacation during school days?

a. You can request a Short Term Independent Study . You must be out of school for at least five consecutive days. Call the Attendance office for more information.

12.How does a student qualify for an attendance award?

a. Every trimester attendance awards are given to students. A Perfect Attendance award means no absences, no tardies, no lates and no early departures. An Outstanding Attendance award means no absences but up to 3 lates, tardies or early departures combined.

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